Choose a Shirt and Start Designing — OR — See Some Vintage T-Shirt Artwork Samples

Custom Vintage T-ShirtOnly The Finest Vintage Will Do

There’s a lot more that goes into creating a custom vintage t-shirt or sweatshirt than just an old design on a new garment. Sure the design is important. Critical, in fact. So our artists have spent hours combining retro styling with the perfect distress patterns to create original vintage artwork that looks and feels authentic.

Just as important as the design, though, is the shirt itself. When you pull on a vintage tee shirt or hoodie for the first time, it should look and feel like you’ve been wearing it for years. That kind of instant fit and familiarity is why we chose the garments presented here as part of our Vintage-Friendly Collection.

New Shirts With Old Souls

The fabrics and construction of our vintage shirts and sweatshirts help complete the retro quality of your custom vintage garments. They are incredibly soft with subdued colors, as though they’d seen a lifetime of washing and wearing.

Ancient Screen Printing Secrets

The final ingredient is how the design is applied to the garment. The thicker, heavier inks used in traditional screen printing would destroy the vintage illusion, so we use specially formulated inks and specialized equipment to decorate your vintage apparel.

The end result is a convincing vintage t-shirt or sweatshirt that feels like an old friend the very first time you wear it.

Vintage T-Shirts for Your Group