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Use the information below to more about using the Design Studio. If you're really stuck, give us a call! The Graphic Edge Customer Service Team can give you expert help in creating your perfect design. 888-462-7806

Design Studio Overview

In the image at the right, you can see that the Design Studio is made up of two main areas. The area on the left is the work area. This is where you perform tasks, like selecting clip art or entering text to place on your design, changing colors, etc. The area on the right is the preview area that shows what your design will look like.

Most features of the Design Studio are accessed using the following buttons, located at the top-left, above the work area:

Add Artwork Use this button to browse our clipart gallery or upload your own artwork.  
Add Text Use this button to add text to your design.  
Names & Numbers Use this button to personalize your design with names or numbers.  
Make Notes Use this button to leave any special instructions for printing your design.  
Change Product Use this button to select a different product or different product color to design on.  
Buy Now Use this button when you're ready to place an order for your design. Please call if you have any questions or special requests.  

Working with Design Elements

The clipart and text that you add to your design are design elements.  Click on any design element in the preview area to select it.  When an element is selected, a rectangle border is drawn around the element to indicate which one is selected, and the work area displays options for changing that element.

Click and drag an element in the preview area to move it around your design.  At the edges of the rectangle border are several "handles", or little white squares.  Click and drag on those handles to resize the element.  If you click on the handle that extends vertically from the top edge, you can click and drag to rotate the element.  

Changing Print Locations

Many products have more than one area that you can design on. We call those Print Locations. For example, a shirt will usually have a Front and a Back Print Location. It may also have Left Sleeve and Right Sleeve Print Locations.

To design on different Print Locations, click , which is located just above the preview area.  Clicking this drops down a set of buttons, one for each available Print Location.  Click one of those buttons to select the location you want to design on.

Selecting a Different Product

While working in the design studio, you can select a different color of your product or a completely different product.

Simply click the Change Product button for your options.

Adding Artwork

To add artwork to your design, click the Add Artwork button. A search box appears in the work area, along with a list of categories.  You can search our clipart library by keyword or browse through the available categories.

You can also upload your own artwork by clicking the Upload Your Own button at the bottom of the work area. You can upload your own art as a bitmap in JPG, GIF, or PNG file formats, or vector art can be uploaded in SVG format. For more information on uploading your own art, click here.

Adding Text

To add text to your design, click the Add Text button. Enter your text in the box that appears in the work area, and then press ENTER or click the Go button.

Once the text you entered appears on your design in the preview area, the work area will display all of the options for working with text, like changing the font or color, or adding outlines.

Text is added one line at a time.  After adding one line of text, you can click the Add Text button again to add additional lines of text.

Adding Names & Numbers

You can add personalization to your design, including heat-pressed names, heat-pressed numbers, and screen-printed numbers.  Click the Names & Numbers button to select the type of personalization to add.

Once you've added names or numbers to your design, you can change the size and color of the names and numbers.

Click the 'Enter Names & Numbers' button to edit the list of names and numbers to be printed on your items.

Making Notes

Before placing an order, click the Make Notes button to add any special instructions to your design.

These notes will be seen by the artist and customer service personnel handling your order.

Include anything that we need to know before printing your order, like any changes you want an artist to make for you, or any specific Pantone colors you need us to use.

Saving Your Design

If you want to save the design you've created, click the Save Design button at the bottom of the preview area.  You will be prompted to log in or create a new account, and give your design a title, and then your design is saved to your account.

Once your design is saved, you will be sent an email with instructions on accessing your saved design.  You can forward that email to others to show them your design.

You can always access your saved designs by going to the My Designs link on our homepage and logging in.  From inside the Design Studio, you can click the My Designs button (next to the Save Design button).

Getting a Quote & Placing an Order

Whether you just want to get the price for your design, or you're ready to place an order, click the Get A Quote or Buy Now button.

You'll be asked for the quantity of the product and your shipping zip code, so that an accurate price can be determined.

The system will calculate the lowest possible price and production method for printing your items and display that for you.

Once the price quote is displayed, click the 'Add to Cart' button to place your order.