Tired of seeing the same lame "custom" sweatshirts everywhere you go? You know, the kind your buddy rocks all the time with the crazy "custom" screen-printed or embroidered logos? Yeah, THOSE lame custom sweatshirts.

Well, now you can do something about it – seriously. If you’ve ever thought to yourself, "Man, if only I could design my own sweatshirts I’d be a millionaire. If only I could design my own sweatshirts I could save the planet from sweatshirt lameness. If only I could design my own sweatshirt I could finally own a sweatshirt I actually enjoy wearing."

Sound about right? 

Well, now even you can design your own custom sweatshirt. True story! And you don’t need to blow a ton of cash attending some pretentious design school or buying some fancy, overpriced sweatshirt design software that only Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and the director of the FBI know how to use.

Totally true story.

Designing your own custom sweatshirts is a breeze. And you can do it online for free from the comfort of your home, office, or that coffee shop you always go to for free Wi-Fi. No kidding. If you’re reading this, then you could already be designing a custom sweatshirt unlike the world has ever seen. 

Here at The Graphic Edge, we place the power of creativity in your hands. Sure, we have an art team of celebrated artists that can help you design a sweatshirt. But it’s more fun doing it yourself. 

So take a crack at it!

Thanks to our state-of-the-art online sweatshirt design tool that the Department of Defense built for us (not a true story), you can now design a custom sweatshirt or two or three. Have your friends design sweatshirts. Have your parents design sweatshirts. Have that creepy guy who never cleans up after his dog design a custom sweatshirt…alright, maybe not him.

Seriously, stop reading and click thru that link. Because I’m not writing anymore. I’m going to design my own custom sweatshirt with a picture of my cat on it. And I’m designing it right…meow!