There’s something to be said of the person who creates something new and entirely unique. Whether it’s a work of art or an invention or a website, there’s just something totally awesome about creating something no one else has before.

This particularly holds true for custom hoodies. Indeed, designing your own custom hoodies – hoodies that nobody else has – is about as awesome as it gets. And there’s something even more awesome about wearing a custom hoodie nobody else has.

Imagine it.

You’re walking down the street enjoying your day, when somebody stops you and says, "Hey, where in the world did you get that totally awesome hoodie?" You smile and say, "I’ll tell you where I got this totally awesome custom hoodie – I made it. That’s right, I design my own custom hoodies. How awesome is that?"

Indeed, how awesome is that? 

And now you can join the ranks of those creative and courageous rogues who dared to defy conventionality by designing a hoodie online. That’s right – online. You don’t need some wizard software that costs about a thousand dollars to design your own hoodies – you can do it online for free.

So why not give it a try? Why not get your creative on? Why not say, "Hey, I’m tired of buying hoodies that other people – people I’ve never met – designed. I want to design my own hoodie. And I want to do it online for free at The Graphic Edge." And after you say, go ahead and do it. Seriously, go ahead and do it already.