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The beauty of full-color process screen printing is that it makes it possible to create photo-realistic designs using efficient and affordable methods. In other words, you get the full-color custom t-shirts you want without having to pay more or wait longer. This is possible because we use a specialized system that doesn't limit the garments we can print on or require specialized equipment beyond the screen printing machines we use to print thousands of shirts every single.

Understanding Color Process Screen Printing

Traditional spot process screen printing works a lot like modern computer printers that create the entire color spectrum by blending just four ink colors: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (CMYK). While this works great on paper, it has some limitations when you try to apply it to fabrics. Namely, in order to blend properly, the inks must be transparent. That limits you to printing your designs on white garments only. Boring, right?

That's why we use a simulated color screen printing process that blends several colors other than just the traditional CMYK. 

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