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Blank Garments.
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Available Sizes:
Youth XS, Youth S, Youth M, Youth L, Youth XL, XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL
Knit Patterns
Fabric Colors




Pricing is for a blank jacket, wool body/leather sleeves.

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This Varsity Letterman Jacket with Byron Knit Collar features a wool body and set-in sleeves in wool, Naugahyde, or leather. This particular design features the popular Whiting knit collar with rolled knit cuffs and matching waistband. The jacket closes with traditional snap closures. 

Customize your jacket with your choice of inner lining, pocket trim, and sleeve materials and colors. Then personalize your jacket with patches that represent your athletic, academic, and artistic achievements.

  • Superior heavyweight virgin wool body, waist length.
  • Set-in sleeves and pocket trim (Naugahyde, wool or leather) in matching or contrasting color.
  • Wide variety of knit trim options to customize the Whiting Knit Collar, cuffs, and waistband
  • Rayon or quilt lining. 
  • Traditional snap-front closure
  • Slash pockets for storage
  • Youth and Adult sizes available
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Knit Patterns

Letterman Jacket Knit Patterns for Cuff and Collar

Fabric Colors

Color Chart

Genuine Leather


Nude Leather


Academy Blue X     X
Black 51 X X   X
Black 5N     X  
Bone TP X      
Brown 44 X     X
Buck Tan (old gold) 14 X X    
Burnt Orange 03 X      
Cardinal 79 X     X
Columbia Blue 52 X X   X
Cranberry 89       X
Cream 05 X X    
Dark Green AC       X
Dark Kelly 36       X
Dark Royal 73       X
Dolphin Blue 07       X
Forest Green 67 X X   X
Gold 53 X X   X
Grey 58 X X   X
Kelly 57 X X   X
Light Cardinal 39       X
Light Grey LG X     X
Light Navy 6N       X
Light Old Gold 63       X
Light Scarlet 49       X
Maroon 59 X X   X
Military Navy 46 X X   X
Natural 55 X X    
Orange 54 X X   X
Palomino 04 X      
Purple 66 X X   X
7000 Purple 26       X
Royal Blue 72 X X   X
Royal B4 90       X
Royal 27 32       X
Scarlet 69 X X   X
Teal Blue 27       X
Tennessee Orange 48       X
Texas Orange 64   X   X
Vanilla VA X      
Vegas Gold 43 X     X
White 56 X X   X
Willow 12 X      
Sleeve Size Lining Style
Leather Adult Nylon 111A
  Adult Quilt 211A
  Youth Nylon 121A
  Youth Quilt 221A
Wool Adult Nylon 116A
  Adult Quilt 216A
  Youth Nylon 126A
  Youth Quilt 226A
Naugahyde Adult Nylon 114A
  Adult Quilt 214A
  Youth Nylon 124A
  Youth Quilt 224A
Adult Sizes
30-32 34-36 38-40 42-44 46-48 50-52 54-56* 58-60
Youth Sizes
4 6-8 10-12 14-16 18-20