Robic Electronic Whistle for Officials
SKU: M619


The Robic M619 is a high quality, rugged, impact resistant handheld Electronic Whistle which emits a loud, clear signal rated a volume of 120 dB. The M619 is ideal for all field, court and indoor venues.

  • Fits comfortably into the palm of your hand and operates with a Single Hand.
  • Extreme Ease of Use allows you to keep your eyes on the action and activity.
  • Hygienic, Washable, Reusable provides Sanitary, safe use for multiple events.
  • Thoughtfully designed with a soft grip band for secure use.
  • Select from two distinct whistle tones. There is also an SOS signal for personal security.
  • Water Resistant design.
  • AA Batteries Included.
  • Lanyard with Adjustable Keeper for additional safety.
  • Specially designed metal-tubing maximizes sound level to 120dB +/-5dB volume.
  • No emission of respiratory droplets that can spread COVID-19
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