Puma Teamsport Formation Ball Backpack
12" x 20" x 9" $45.99
1-location embroidery. 6 piece minimum.
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  • 400-denier dobby polyester
  • 600-denier TPE material blocking
  • Two comfortable adjustable shoulder straps
  • Two large compartments and two smaller zipper compartments
  • Zippered inner pocket with mesh organizers
  • Small top zippered pocket
  • Two side pockets
  • PUMA® cat logo on top front
  • Size: 12" x 20" x 9" 

Pricing Details

  • Price includes an embroidered logo.
  • Minimum order of 6 pieces.
  • Orders of 3-5, add $3.00 per piece.
  • Orders of 2, add $7.50 per piece.
  • Subtract $3.00 to change to a 1-color screen print. 12 pc. minimum

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Additional Information

PUMA Ball Backpack

Backpacks are just backpacks, right? Not with the PUMA Teamsport Formation Ball Backpack. PUMA has expertly crafted a backpack that is essential for soccer players and teams, featuring an expanding mesh pocket that fits a soccer ball without restricting all your backpack storage space. The signature ball compartment expands outward so that you can fit everything you need – be it gear, school books, shoes, etc. – in the main storage compartment of your backpack. Simply put, the Teamsport Custom Ball Backpack from PUMA is the perfect team product for your youth, high school, or college soccer team this season.

If you’re a coach, player, fan, friend, family member, or administrator of a soccer team, consider buying custom PUMA backpacks for your squad this season. With custom ball backpacks, players will be able to easily transport all their equipment and apparel between practices, games, and school. PUMA backpacks take the hassle of transporting a ball around with you, and assure you won’t loose or misplace your most important piece of soccer equipment. PUMA makes high quality backpacks that are available to you through The Graphic Edge.

The Graphic Edge doesn’t just sell PUMA backpacks, however. At our shop, we custom design almost every product we sell, meaning that you’re getting a custom product by some of the best brands in sports like PUMA. Not only that, but our art staff will work with you to screen print or embroidery anything you want onto your PUMA backpacks. Team names, player numbers, logos, designs and more! Anything is possible with The Graphic Edge, so give us a call today to see what we can do for your team!