S Lacorsse Helemt Side view
Profile view of Cascade S Helmet
Front view of S Cascade Helemt
Chin piece on S Helmet by Cascasde
Top view of Cascade S Helmet
Back view of Cascade Lacrosse S Helmet
Vision Bar of Cascade S Lacrosse Helmet
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The S helmet represents the pinnacle of protection, comfort and vision. The S is the most protective lacrosse helmet Cascade has ever made. One size fits most with this lacrosse helmet.

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The S incorporates several new, game-changing helmet technologies, including a new Tri-Liner integrated with the SuperMono÷≠™ S Shell, new Xflo ventilation that more than doubles the breathability of previous helmets models, and a new VisionBar facemask that ensures the ball is never out of sight.

  • GEN4 EPP - Engineered to manage variable force impacts that are specific to the front of the helmet and face mask.
  • NV3 - A high performance impact foam that provides maximum protection to the crown of the head. Shell and liner unite with this precisely molded foam that maintains shape and comfort under impact.
  • Seven Technology - Compresses on impact to laterally displace energy, and within seconds, it completely resets. Placed in key impact zones through the side and rear to manage repeated impacts.
  • SuperMono S Shell - The one piece shell and visor design creates a rigid system to manage frontal impacts. Moving the center of gravity to the middle crown keeps the Cascade lacrosse helmet's weight balanced and aligned.
  • S-Series Jaw - Is a reinforced dual-material chin piece that provides improved stiffness.
  • VisionBar - PowerPress technology decreases wire diameter to improve sight lines and increases face mask rigidity. With improved vision, the ball is never out of sight.
  • XFlo Ventilation - Expanded ventilation ports increase breathability 2x. Cool air flows through the Cascade lacrosse helmet and out the rear Xflo exhaust.
  • Hardtail SPRfit - By combining the HardTail SPRfit with three customizable jaw pads, the player will feel a 360 degree contoured fit that can be micro-adjusted on the fly
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