Asics Backpack
SKU: ZR820
One Size $23.99
1-location embroidery. 6 piece minimum.
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  • Side elastic pocket for water bottle
  • Breathable shoulder straps
  • MP3 pocket
  • Large center pocket
  • Dimensions: 12"x16.5"x7"

Pricing Details

  • Price includes an embroidered logo. 
  • Minimum order of 6 pieces. 
  • Orders of 3-5, add $3.00 per piece. 
  • Orders of 2, add $7.50 per piece. 
  • Subtract $3.00 to change to a 1-color screen print. 12 pc. minimum

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Asics Backpack

The Asics Backpack owes it smart design and usability to the people who play the game. This backpack was designed by athletes for athletes and is well-suited to just about any competitive sport. As a team or as an individual, the Asics Backpack it the perfect way to organize and transport your gear and make an impression doing it.

This sports backpack features a large center compartment for holding balls or anything else you can stuff in. An integrated organization sleeve found inside features an exit grommet for storing your MP3 player inside the backpack and running the headphones out through the exit, keeping your MP3 player safe inside. The Asics Backpack also features breathable shoulder straps and side elastic pockets for a water bottle.

Gear up with the Asics sports backpack and let The Graphic Edge make it yours with custom screen printing or embroidery.