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Volleyball GameVolleyball was originally devised in 1895 as a hybrid sport that enabled elder people to stay active without enduring the overly strenuous and physical nature of the era’s most popular sports. Initially called “Mintonette” by its creator, William G. Morgan, the game borrowed basic elements from tennis, basketball, handball and even baseball.

As the two teams hit the ball back and forth over a 6 foot 6 inch net separating the opposing sides, a common spectator noted that “volleying” seemed to be the main fundamental of the game, and thus Mintonette acquired the moniker still recognized today.

Although Morgan created the game with older, less mobile players in mind, the game’s popularity was propelled by the increased intensity and athleticism employed by international players, namely enthusiasts from the Philippines. It was in this country in 1916 that players developed the set, spike, and kill, which was then known as a “bomba.”

Since then the game has continued to blossom, as the evolution of strategies and athletic abilities has transformed the game into a true sports spectacle. Changing along with the sport has been volleyball uniforms and volleyball shoes. In the early days, players wore basic shorts, shirts, and shoes; however, lengthier matches and fierce competition hastened the need for more accommodating volleyball team uniforms.

Whereas earlier players wore basic volleyball shirts (short or long-sleeve), sleeveless custom volleyball jerseys allowing greater freedom of movement eventually replaced those traditional styles. Minimal restriction to the arms and legs has become the aim of every volleyball team uniform, as no match should be decided by the wardrobes.

Custom volleyball uniforms are just one area where athletic apparel has improved the game. As the sport is naturally dependent on vertical jumping, with the litany of spikes and blocks around the net, drastic technology improvements to modern volleyball shoes enable athletes to jump higher while limiting wear on the main joints. In this sense, advanced volleyball shoes might have an even greater effect on the game than custom volleyball shirts and shorts.

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