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Track and field athletics is the world’s original sport, as the ancient Greeks organized the first Olympic games back in 776 BC. At those games the first and only athletic event was a stadium-length foot race, which was then called a “stade.” The competition was run on a track, and thus a sport was born. Although many similar competitions were held over the years, the actual Olympic games were forgotten until 1796, when the L’Olympiade de la Republique was held in France.

Many elements of the games have changed through the years, but perhaps nothing has evolved more drastically than the track uniforms and track shoes. The track and field competitions of today feature some of the finest athletes in the world, and with talent competing against nearly equal talent for the top spots, there is always a growing demand for the best technology in custom track jerseys. Unlike other sports where jerseys are basically advertisements for the team and serve no real function, a track team uniform accelerates athletes’ abilities and can be the difference between a gold and silver medal.

Scientific research has found that different parts of the body accelerate at different times, creating a need for highly versatile . Combining polyester and various other fabrics to create the ideal uniforms for track has become a billion-dollar industry. While this might seem extreme to some, a sport of inches – and often times centimeters – requires elite athletes to search for every advantage possible. And the first place they look is usually the track team uniforms and track shoes.

The technology has spread to all levels of track and field, as advanced youth track uniforms are now being worn by children of all ages. Even those not competing have taken on the trend. The need for comfortable track coaches apparel has spawned a growing industry. From track coaches polos and shirts to team-oriented track shoes, coaches are dressing more and more like their athletes each year.

So we have come a long way since the original Olympic games in 776 BC, but track and field continues to grow and appears to be staying for the long haul. And the industry providing the custom track team uniforms and track shoes will keep running right along side it!

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