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Iowa Welcome SignBuying custom apparel is fun, especially when it’s a group t-shirt. There are a lot of options – different brands, designs, sizes, styles, and much more. When you’re purchasing a custom t-shirt, it may be important to you that your shirts are made in the USA, and that’s where we come in. First off, every custom designed t shirt you buy from The Graphic Edge is screen-printed and embroidered in Carroll, Iowa, so you know your shirts have been customized right here in America. But what about the clothing itself? If you’re looking for American-made t shirts, The Graphic Edge has a number of brands and products that are also produced in the USA, meaning that American jobs were created to make the shirts that you ordered.

But how can you know what products are USA-made? One simple way to do so is by browsing our brand page to see what companies supply our custom apparel. Once you see what brands are available for you to purchase, it’s simple to research their manufacturing locations. As you can see, we get clothing and apparel from a number of different companies, and that means you have a wide range of American-made options from which to choose. Getting custom t-shirts that are made in the USA is easy with The Graphic Edge!

Once you’ve found an American-made brand, you can click through to see everything that brand has to offer as far as t-shirts, jackets, pants, accessories, and more. You’ll quickly find that our inventory is virtually endless, and you could spend days looking through all our American-made products. When you find something you like for your group, just give us a call and we’ll get the customization process rolling. Soon enough, you’ll have a personalized t-shirt made by an American company from a brand that’s made in the USA. At The Graphic Edge, we do made-in-the-USA custom shirt right!

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