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Which color is the real team color? I remember asking that question when I attended a hometown football game and saw at least five different shades of spirit wear being worn by the fans and families of the team.

Honestly, I think every high school booster club struggles with this problem. You don’t want to offer the same pieces year after year, but how do you keep the team colors consistent from one season to the next?

One sure way is to choose your spirit wear pieces from an apparel collection. An apparel collection is a family of products that share identical colors, common design features, and matching or complementary fabrics — these garments were literally made to go together.

The leader in spirit wear apparel collections is Badger Sport. Badger offers several collections that include the most popular garment types, such as short- and long-sleeve t-shirts, hooded and crew-neck sweatshirts, as well as polos, quarter zips, and tank tops.

Ultimate Softlock V-NeckEach Badger collection features its own unique qualities that will make your spirit wear really stand out. For example, The Ultimate SoftLock Collection is the softest performance fabric you’re likely to feel; the Tonal Blend Collection takes “heathered” to the next level; the Embossed Collection has a patterned sheen that will showcase your spirit wear design like no other garments can.

What every Badger Sport collection has in common with all others is the Badger Universal Color Standard (tradename B Coloright™) that ensures that the garments you order today will perfectly match the color of garments you order tomorrow, next week, or next year.

Imagine how much your fans will appreciate knowing that this year’s color will still look great and match the spirit wear they buy next year. Now imagine how great your cheering section will look when everyone is wearing the same shade of your team color.

New Year, New Collection

Apparel collections can also help solve another common booster club challenge: selling this year’s spirit wear to fans and families who bought last year’s. After all, they already have a sweatshirt/t-shirt/quarter zip in the team’s colors, why should they buy another one?

Badger Embossed HoodieThat objection goes right out the window when you choose a new collection for a new year. Choose Tonal Blend this year and Ultimate SoftLock next year. The pieces will be distinct enough that no one will feel like they’re buying the same piece as last year. Best of all, the B Coloright™ standard ensures that colors are consistent, even across collections and from one year to the next! It’s the best of the both worlds: This year’s gear will be different enough that people will want it, but last year’s stuff will still look great right alongside it.

This can also help when sales lag from season to season - the folks who just bought a bunch of football spirit wear will be a lot more open to signing up for basketball gear when the pieces are unique to the sport.

Which Collection is Right For Your Team?

Would you like to speak with one of our Apparel Specialists to learn more about Badger Sport apparel collections? Just send us a note and we'll get in touch right away!

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