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Soccer Throw-In Drills

While most soccer teams will have several throw-ins throughout the game, many teams spend almost no time practicing them. If you are a soccer coach and your players are often committing throw-in violations by lifting their feet or failing to bring the ball all the way behind their heads, it is especially important to run throw-in drills during every practice. While throw-ins may feel like a mundane skill, practicing them can become a game.  

To make practicing throw-ins fun, set up cones on the field. Spread the cones out, with some close to the sidelines and others farther away. Split your players into two teams. Allow a player from one team to throw the ball in, trying to hit a cone. Then allow a player from the other team to try. Continue to switch back and forth. Award points to players who hit the cones. To encourage players to throw the ball farther, have the cones that are farther away be worth more points than the closer cones.

More advanced players sometimes do running throw-ins or handspring throw-ins. Some of your players may want to try doing throw-ins this way, but players should be comfortable doing a standing throw in before they attempt fancier ones.

While throwing the ball far is important, proper technique is even more important when it comes to throwing in the ball. Because of that, players who lift their foot or fail to bring the ball properly behind their heads should not be awarded the points. You may even want to award the points to the other team if a player does not use proper technique.

As your players become more comfortable throwing in the ball, switch out the cones. Instead, have four or five players from each team come onto the field, and have the player throw the ball to a teammate. Award points to the team who gets to the ball first. Allow players from both teams to throw in the ball.

It will likely take several practices for your players to become comfortable doing throw-ins. Even as your players become better at throw-ins, this might be an exercise you will want to include as part of your practice regularly.

Of course, there are many other ways that players can practice doing throw-ins. Making it into a game will not work for every team. Just be sure, if you have not already, to regularly include throw-ins as part of your practice.

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