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Presented by Coach Antoine Smith, Colorado State University

All right. So I want to show you a couple of real life illustrations here of these guys playing up front and watch these guys shrug off of blocks here.

I think we're playing Virginia Tech here. Watch 48 here. He's here, he works outside, he's working around, gets a hit to the quarterback here.

Very tough for an offensive lineman when you have really good guys shrug releasing up front.

Here's a great shrug release here. This is really good right here, on why you set the vertical wedge. Set the vertical wedge, watch shrug release right here, boom.

Ends up getting a half of a TFL here. One more time, knock back, shrug it.

I want you to look at the defense mechanism on the shrug for this three technique here. I mean, for this offensive guard here, he's got no chance here now. Okay?

All right. Here's the last one. Okay, all right. This is a great rep right here.

Watch this right here, I want you to watch 48. He's looping out, he comes back on a shrug, makes the play.

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