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Presented by Coach Greg Vandagriff, courtesy of Glazier Clinics.

Our zone read is where the quarterback is going to open up. He's going to extend the ball and work this front foot. And again, the tailback's going to slide and dive going towards A gap. We're going to show you how we work our footwork during practice. With the quarterback coming out some of it will be just a footwork where he's working the mesh. The other part will be where he comes out and he works the RPO portion of it. Whether it's to a K2, works to a kid that's ready...a little stick route.

All right. Now zone read. Okay. So zone're gonna get a slide and dive by tailback, quarterback should open ride back foot to front foot. Here's the end read. He should work on out. I don't know if we got another guy. I can't see just yet if there's another guy here. Or we're going to read the Sam on the RPO read. So let's see how the coach has got set up here.

Okay. Look, the tailback works to the quarterback, the quarterback pivots on his midline. Okay. He's going to ride back foot to front foot. The tailback should work, come through and work back out that direction off of the tackle's butt. All right, again, when end comes up and boxes, we're going to give the ball.

Okay. Here it is at real speed.

All right. Here's another one. Zone read, he's reading the end. Okay. He squeezes so it's a keep for the quarterback. He's going to come on out. All right. And then we're just letting this guy be the bubble. So I'll show you at real speed.

He rides him down, just flips the ball out.

Okay. Again, backups in, catches it. Okay. We want to extend it to him. Right ride to the front step. We want to ride it to him and then come off. Okay. Again, he's a ninth grader at this time or spring before ninth grade. So he needs to ride it back and he'd come off the hook up, not just give the ball and watch it. Okay.

Look in the other side, we're going to snap the ball. They would get a squeeze, so going to come out. Again, soon as we're coming out, we're either looking for a linebacker to scrape or we're looking for the Sam.

Okay. Our zone read foot work will be, where we're riding the tailback in through, into line of scrimmage with the quarterback riding him, reading the C gap defender. After he comes off, he may or may not be working the RPL portion of it. So we've got some of that work in left and right.

About Coach Greg Vandagriff

Greg Vandagriff began his football coaching career as a graduate assistant at Tennessee Tech University in 1990, alongside future NFL coaches Gerald Brown (Falcons RB) and Atlanta Falcons Head Coach, Mike Smith. After receiving his Masters degree, Greg served as the Defensive Coordinator and Head Baseball coach in Baton Rouge, Louisiana at Christian Life Academy. After 5 years there, the football team amassed a record of 50-13 and the baseball team was 97-37.

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