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In this football clinic excerpt, Eastern Michigan University Cornerbacks Coach Lamarcus Hicks details an effective method for defeating cut blocks.

When trying to defeat a cut block, we use what we call a push, give and, shuffle. 

Push, give and shuffle. You don't see it a whole lot anymore, but if you are in a box where you could see some cut blocks, one thing that you have to be able to do to defeat that cut block, first of all, you have to defeat the blocker first. It's important that you defeat the blocker first and not look through the blocker to the ball carrier. If you do, then chances are you'll be on the ground. So you have to see the crown of the helmet of that blocker that's coming to cut you.

Now, for a legal cut block to happen, it's got to happen inside out. So if it's happening inside out, from the DB here and I'm having a block come from my inside, my right side right here, now, the crown of that helmet has to be facing the outside, the sideline over here. 

Now, when that happens, I want to make sure that I put my outside hand on the crown of that helmet, and I want to put my inside hand on the shoulder pad of that blocker. And when I do so, I want to be able to push down. I always say, "Push down, give ground, shuffle around," which is why we call it push, give and shuffle. 

So, not only do I want to push them down, I want to push them down and away. And I want to be able to give a little bit of ground, and I want to shuffle around that blocker so that I can clear my hips again and clear my feet to push, give and shuffle.

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