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In this football clinic segment, coach breaks down a quick-flip running play.

This is the Flip play, Lasso Flip. This is Jet Sweep blocking, and the quarterback is in the gun. We're in no back. And we started doing this my last three years because we had no backs. So we used more wide outs. We were able to use three wide outs or we could use two wide outs and just split our tight end out here, who was a very big athletic kid. Now, the Flip play we got from West Virginia, and here would be my thought. If there's somebody doing something that you want, go to them and figure out, ask them how to do it, because then you got a chance, because they've made the mistakes, they've fixed it. So find out how to do it.

Here, we're in the gun. The key is the snap count. We're going to snap it on set. The Jet Back takes off on red. So it's Red, Set. Or it could be Red-Set, depending on how quick that Jet Back is. We'd like to snap the ball when he is on the outside hip of the tackle, because it takes 0.5 seconds for the shotgun snap to get back. And I'm going to talk in the later sessions about the shotgun snap. I'm not going to talk about that right now, but I will talk about it later sessions. The quarterback catches the ball and he flips it to the back in front of him. He's still trying to pitch it into the play side A gap. So he's going to catch the ball and pitch it forward. Now, he's got to catch it and pitch it. He can't tap it because that would be considered a fumble. If you catch it and pitch it and the pitch is incomplete, what do you got? Incomplete pass. Second and 10. We play again. So that's a key.

And again, I see so many teams trying to run this play, but they catch it and they pitch it too soon. The back is catching the ball back here somewhere. Well, he's got to catch it at least by the center or beyond. Our goal is to catch it in the play side A gap and then the quarterback waggles away. But do we change anything? No. So he's got number one, on or off the line outside [inaudible 00:02:26]. There is number one. There is number two. He's pulling, probably getting this backer scraping. He's blocking three, he's blocking four. So we're just counting our men. And again, snap it on Red-Set. Don't worry about putting anybody in motion. Everybody else remains the same.

So here's what the play looks like. Red-Set. Boom.

You'll see my spread in on the other side. What a wonderful job he does busting his tail across the field. Now here, this is a great team we're playing. Wabash. They're a terrific team. We catch it just a tad soon. But again, he stretches it, stretches it, and finds a place to turn it up. And again, first time I saw this play, West Virginia ran it in the Bowl game, Orange Bowl, scored three touchdowns on it so we went down there and learned how to do it.

But again, we don't change anybody's assignments. We should even snap it now. Look, they're still not lined up yet. We're snapping the ball already. And why is this? Because we were in an empty set and they had some kind of a defensive call and we played them, they were number two in the country. This was a terrific team. So get up there, run the play. It's a first sound play and it's been a great play for us.

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