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Of the nearly 8 million high school athletes who play high schools sports, only two percent will get a chance to play for a college team. Taking a few steps to get athletic recruiters to notice you will increase your chances of scoring a top spot on a university team. 

Be a Student Athlete

Most universities have strict academic requirements for their college athletes. So, along with having a good GPA, you must also demonstrate that you have taken all the correct high school classes that fulfill the university's requirements for admission. Determine the academic requirements for the colleges you are interested in, take the proper required classes in high school, and be sure to keep your GPA up. Once you have determined you fulfill all the requirements, you can send your academic records and standings to different colleges of your choice.

The image below, from Your College Scout, shows how your GPA can impact you collegiate athletic options.

GPA Guide for Student Athletes

Introduce Yourself to the Coach

One of the most important things you can do when looking to be recruited is to write a personal letter or email to the coach at each school you are seriously considering. Coaches and staff review hundreds of hours of videos and highlight reels, and it helps to be able to have a feel for an athlete’s personality when watching highlight reels. Oftentimes, letters can lead to a personal relationship with coaches; they get to know you as an individual and are better able to determine whether you would be a good fit.

Click here for a sample email and checklist for contacting coaches.

Create a Highlight Video of Your High School Career

College coaches can't go out personally to every high school athlete's games to watch them play, which is why a recruiting video is so important. Work with your high school coach to create a highlight reel that showcases your most stellar performances, and send a copy to each college you are interested in. Most coaches view every video that comes in. Make sure to introduce yourself in the video before getting to the highlights. This adds a personal, unique touch. 

If you are overwhelmed by the prospect of putting together a video that will catch a coach’s eye, and if you have the means to do so, it might be worthwhile to hire one of the many companies that offer highlight reel services.

Click here for Seven ways to get help with your highlight video

Hire a Recruiting Service

A recruiting service has the tools available to help you do all of the above steps in just one place. Most of these agencies have online platforms where you can post an introduction video, highlight reels, and your academic record, as well as a personal letter. Coaches from universities can log in and view each player's profile, and you usually will be notified once your profile has been viewed. Recruiting services will also e-mail coaches and staff on your behalf.

Making dreams come true takes a lot of hard work and determination. Getting a chance to play at the college level can happen if you take the proper steps to get noticed and are willing to work harder than you've ever worked before. 

Click here for a comparison of popular recruiting websites

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