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WrestlerIt is believed that wrestling is the world’s oldest sport, so old that exact dates of its origins will forever breed disputes among historians. However, the general assumption is that wrestling originated in ancient China, where Shuai Jiao employed basic tactics in an epic battle against Jiao Ti in 2697 BC.

There were no referees, no scoring systems, no wrestling singlet or wrestling shoes. The competitors did brandish some wrestling gear, albeit lethal horned helmets capable of serious flesh destruction. Simply put, basic wrestling techniques were featured; however, it wasn’t medals and championships for which they battled.

The sport evolved into a non-lethal, recreational activity roughly around the 16th century, when wrestling became a highly popular event in France and other parts of Europe. Once again, the custom wrestling uniforms of the day differed greatly from those seen today, as wrestlers predominately donned little or no clothing whatsoever.

Today wrestling has evolved into a worldwide spectacle, with numerous variations of the sport taking preference in different regions of the world. Greco-Roman, freestyle, submission, beach, or sambo – minor rule changes exist in each version, yet the core goal is always the same.

A staple of the sport is the custom wrestling singlet, which is the preferred clothing in most variations of the sport. The close-fitting elastic one-piece prevents the opposition from gaining any advantage by latching onto loose fabric, and thus there are no wrestling shirts or shorts worn in serious competitions. Custom wrestling jerseys display the colors, names, and logos of teams, and they enable judges and fans to distinguish between the engaged competitors.

Both wrestling shoes and head gear have also become popular through the years. The shoes afford competitors some traction on the smooth, often slick, mats, while the head gear protects the ears from severe cuts and tares. From top to bottom, custom wrestling uniforms differ from those worn in other sports because every inch of fabric serves a functional purpose.

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