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Softball player pitchingFew games have evolved quite like softball. Originally named “Indoor Baseball,” the game took on several alternative monikers before settling with softball in 1934, such as kitten ball, cabbage ball, pumpkin ball, and even mush ball.

The game was originally devised in 1887 as a means for keeping baseball players sharp and in shape during the winter months. A young man named George Hancock supposedly tied a boxing glove around a baseball and a new game was born. Originally popular with male athletes, softball’s popularity amongst women began growing during the middle of the twentieth century.

Having grown in several directions, the game is much different today. From the custom softball uniforms to varying bat sizes, there are many variables that distinguish women’s softball from the game played by men. Softball team uniforms are one of the major differences spectators notice on today’s playing fields.

Women’s softball uniforms generally feature shorts in lieu of the long pants regularly used for men’s softball uniforms. While the shorts do lend the players’ legs to scrapes and cuts, long socks and compression shorts (also known as sliding shorts) marginalize those injuries. “Sliders” have also become a staple of most women’s softball uniforms. These protective knee pads are efficient substitutes for the long pants of men’s softball uniforms – maybe even more efficient in some regards. Another notable difference lies with head gear. Visors and headbands complete most women’s softball uniforms, while hats often top off those of men.

Youth softball uniforms typically follow the same dress standards as those previously described in women’s and men’s softball uniforms. One exception is the use of metal spikes on cleats. Whereas fastpitch softball leagues predominately embrace metal spikes, girls softball uniforms follow the set regulations that allow only plastic spikes. Detachable spikes – whether metal or plastic – are almost always prohibited, although there are some instances when such is not the case.

One universal rule for both fastpitch softball uniforms and youth softball uniforms is the inclusion of team names on the front and numbers on the back. Whether the team name is the Wildcats or the Cougars, and whether the number is 1 or 99, custom softball uniforms just wouldn’t be complete without a fierce team name and a number unique to each individual on the roster.

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