There's no other sport quite like Cross Country. Most xc runners will tell you that, while there are dozens of other competitors on the course, you're competing against yourself as much as anyone else. So it's you against you...and them...and the course...and the conditions. And while you may be very much alone for many, many miles, you're still part of a team.

Then there's the primal aspect of it - after all, running far and fast was the original sport. Of course, today you aren't chasing prey (or outrunning predators), but there is still something about running over challenging terrain with your rivals in front of and behind you that calls to that "dominant primordial beast" that Jack London wrote about.

Come to think of it, cross country running isn't really a sport at's a way of life.

Train for life.

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The best cross-country runners will tell you there really is no off-season. Barring injuries or other dire circumstances...

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Track and field athletics is the world’s original sport, as the ancient Greeks organized the first Olympic games b...