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At The Graphic Edge, we combine proven processes with the latest cutting edge technology to consistently produce the highest quality screen printing and embroidery available.

We've dedicated countless hours and resources to developing our own custom software system to better manage and track orders throughout the production process, all for the purpose of providing you faster turnaround times, better quality, and the best customer service.

In our screenprint department, an automated system accurately recreates your artwork on screens using the latest direct-to-screen imaging technology. This results in perfect alignment of the different colors in the image and accurate reproduction of the finest detail. Each screen is bar-coded and tracked as it moves through the production facility to prevent delays in printing your garments.

In our embroidery department, we regularly add and update embroidery equipment and software with the latest technology to insure fast, efficient, and accurate production of your embroidery orders.

All Images and Designs are the property of The Graphic Edge. Unauthorized use will be prosecuted.

You canít screen print without the right screen printing technology

Here at The Graphic Edge we know there are three kinds of custom clothing. Poorly made custom clothing. Decent custom clothing. And exceptional custom clothing.

What kind would you want to wear? Obviously exceptional custom clothing that is custom made just for you. Well, thatís why we do at The Graphic Edge. We customize athletic clothing and apparel for athletes, coaches, and fans all over the country. And weíve been doing it for 20 years.

How do you stay at the forefront of the ultra competitive screen printing and embroidery industry for so long? Itís all about technology. And thatís an area where weíve absolutely never been lacking.

We donít settle for yesterdayís technology just because it still works. Weíre continually updating our state-of-the-art screen printing facility, equipping it with the absolute best and latest innovative technology.

Why do we do it? Because when you order custom screen printed and embroidered athletic apparel, you want to know itís top notch. And thatís what you get every time from us. At The Graphic Edge, we do custom your way. And we do it with the best screen printing and embroidery technology available.