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Custom Youth Basketball Jerseys, Uniforms & Shirts

At its inception, the game that introduced to the world superstars like Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Magic Johnson wasn’t the fast-paced, high-flying game played today. In fact, it likely induced more yawns than cheers in the beginning, as a 1-0 thriller back in 1892 is recognized as the first basketball game ever played. Dr. James Naismith created basketball as a means for keeping athletes active during the harsh winter months, but unbeknownst to him at the time, his simple creation would spawn an international frenzy more than a half century later.

Nearly every element of Naismith’s invention has changed dramatically over time, everything save the basic concept of putting a ball into a basket. The hoop was at first a closed-bottom bucket, which understandably caused great delays after each point scored. There was no dribbling; rather, passing the ball was the lone way to move the ball. And the ball! It wasn’t the bright orange, perfect sphere used today, but a soccer ball. The game’s rules also changed as new organizations adapted the sport. The style of play encountered arguably the most visible change, as it became less rough and rowdy, with quickness and versatility emerging as the primary attributes for success.

Essentially, only the sport’s name has gone untouched through the years. Even basketball uniforms have undergone extreme changes this past century, as basic basketball shirts and shorts (pants were even worn) have been supplanted by custom basketball jerseys worth upwards of $150 at retail stores.

As the game’s popularity blossomed and its competitive nature intensified, the need for custom basketball uniforms became increasingly apparent. Not only were basketball team uniforms necessary to distinguish the competing squads in a quick-paced game, but the function of the jerseys changed as talent levels improved.

The basketball shirts were eventually replaced by sleeveless basketball uniforms that allowed for greater freedom of movement. The same is true for basketball shorts, which crept up players’ legs until the early 1990s, when the Michigan Wolverines’ “Fab Five” made baggy bottoms the hot trend.

Uniforms for basketball are emblematic of a team’s identity, as sleek logos, images, and school names grace the front of most jerseys today. Even youth basketball uniforms take part in the need for unique identification, with the NBA’s best known team names often being used for kids basketball uniforms nationwide.

Whether you’re shopping for a youth or adult team, The Graphic Edge has you covered with their massive selection of custom basketball uniforms, jerseys, shirts, warm-ups, practice gear, shoes and more. Get started here!

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Custom Basketball Uniforms

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