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The Graphic Edge Product Catalog
Wear A Knit Custom Mittens

SKU: G522/G422
G522 Adult/G422 Youth $9.50

Adult size is one size approx. equal to women's medium/large or men's x-small/small

Youth size is one size and fits approx. the pre-teen to early teen age group

Minimum order of 36 pieces per style. Minimum orders and re-orders of less than 36 pieces per style cannot be accepted. Please allow 4 weeks for delivery.

100% acrylic

Product Description:
Easy to Follow Customization:
Step 1: Choose your body color
Step 2: Choose your small stripe color
Step 3: Choose your name stripe color
Step 4: Choose your name color and name(up to 7 characters)

One Sided - 9 letters Max
Two Sided - 18 letters Max
Wrap-around - 20 letters Max
(Based on the word)
Stacked - 4-9 letters
(Words must be near the same length)

More Info: 
Price includes a knitted name * Add $1.00 per piece for different name on each piece * Exact quantity may vary plus or minus 10% due to the manufacturing of this product


Available Colors:
Click Here for the Wear-A-Knit Color Guide


*Stock Items: Certain colors of items identified as "stock items" are inventoried at The Graphic Edge and may be available for faster delivery. Please contact us for stock availability.

*Note: Personalization, such as names or numbers, is available for an additional charge. Unless stated otherwise in the item description, personalization is NOT included in above quoted pricing.

Actual Fabric Colors May Not Match Color Swatches Exactly. Colors Vary From Brand To Brand
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All Images and Designs are the property of The Graphic Edge. Unauthorized use will be prosecuted.
I 178

Custom Mittens by Wear-a-Knit: A Winter Classic

When you think of winter, you might think of the holiday season, or kids building snow forts and snowmen in the front yard. Maybe you think of skiing or snowboarding, or a cup of coffee or hot chocolate by a crackling fire. All of these scenes are iconic winter images, just like Wear-a-Knit custom mittens and knit winter hats. Even if you arenít familiar with Wear-a-Knit, you will recognize their hats and mittens when you see them. The classic striped styling is equal parts retro and timeless. If youíre looking to buy mittens for your school, as a party gift, a give-away at a raffle or just for your family, Wear-a-Knit mittens will be perfect for you. Whatever group youíre buying for Ė a school, a team, etc. Ė just tell us what you want printed on your mittens and weíll get it knitted for you.

But thatís not where the options end. Browse through our available colors for Wear-a-Knit custom mittens to find the perfect colors to match your other apparel. Best of all, you choose the color for each section of the mitten, meaning that you can truly make yourself a unique product. Wear-a-Knit mittens are a product that everyone will want to wear, so they work perfectly for a custom gift or fundraiser item. When you buy Wear-a-knit gloves through The Graphic Edge, not only do you get top notch service through your ordering process, you also get each pair of gloves for just $9.99 when you order 36 or more. Donít miss out on this great deal! If youíre trying to make a group order for mittens this winter, choose Wear-a-Knit and The Graphic Edge! Call today, and get your order reserved right away. Our shipping speeds are second to none, so donít wait a second longer to get your custom striped mittens!