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Products by Stadium Chair

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Enjoy your tailgates in comfort with custom tailgating chairs from The Stadium Chair Company

A big game requires a big tailgate. And when your team is performing up to standards, sometimes the tailgate is more fun than the actual game. But whether your team has championship ambitions or is already looking to next year, you can control your own tailgating destiny.

A good tailgating experience is the result of many things – good food, good drinks, good friends and family, and good weather if possible. But more than that, a good tailgating experience needs good tailgating chairs. And The Graphic Edge is here to help.

Now you can buy tailgating chairs online right here at The Graphic Edge. We have an entire online catalog of tailgating products, particularly foldable chairs for tailgates. And nobody does portable chairs for tailgates quite like The Stadium Chair Company.

Plumbers specialize in clearing pipes. Chefs specialize in creating succulent variations of food. And The Stadium Chair Company specializes in making top quality chairs for tailgaters. Now, your comfort at tailgates is in your own hands.

Design your own tailgating chairs

Tailgate chairs from The Stadium Chair Company are designed to keep you comfortable as you get ready for the big game. But custom tailgating chairs can help you define the tailgate. And you get to design them. So start designing already!

Try out our brand new online design tool to custom design your own chairs for tailgates. See what kind of custom embroidered chairs you can design. Or customize kids chairs only your kids have.

Not in a digitally creative mood? Then just contact our design team and we’ll gladly help you design your own custom seats for tailgating. There are no art fees or setup fees – only game-defining styles and game-changing screen printing and embroidery designs.

So contact us today and step up your tailgating by giving yourself something comfy to sit in. At The Graphic Edge, we make custom happen your way. And we do it with the latest portable chairs from The Stadium Chair Company.