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Custom Bella Shirts and Sportswear For Women

Bella is a truly unique brand of women’s sportswear. All of their products are designed and constructed for the shape of a woman and for the way a woman competes and plays sports. Only the softest yarns are used in Bella clothing with the highest standards of sewing construction, providing comfort, durability, and the best fit. These are the qualities that have made Bella the number one supplier of women’s sportswear in our industry.

Bella also understands that women’s athletic apparel has to do more than just feel good, they have to look good, too. Bella has conducted extensive color research to determine those colors that are not only most appealing to women and, more importantly, make women feel beautiful when they wear them.

Naturally, they’ve devoted just as much attention to fit and have created a women’s sportswear line with a true woman's fit in mind. They applied several years of retail experience and used the same sizing guidelines as high-end retail stores to achieve the perfect fit. Bella understands that women come in many beautiful shapes and sizes, and their line reflects that. In fact, they were the first to offer women’s sportswear in more than three sizes.

Fashion Meets Function in Custom Women’s Athletic Apparel

Bella distances itself from the competition even further with “stylish, not trendy” designs. Trends are here today, gone tomorrow, but style transcends time. So each piece in our line is designed with that in mind.

Of course, the tight knit and smooth face of Bella products make them an ideal choice for custom women’s sportswear. They are perfect for all types of embellishment so feel free to design your own custom Bella shirts and sportswear for your team or organization. Include the name along with a message, logo, or any other customization you desire.

Custom Bella shirts and sportswear by The Graphic Edge.